Friday, April 2, 2010

I Said I Wouldn't Cry Again But...

I said I wouldn't cry again
Shed not another freakin tear
Because some man couldn't do right
But yesterday it happened
Because I allowed him to steal from me
I allowed him inside my head
And you know what happened
That nigga gave me a serious migraine
But you know what...
After I talked that thing out
And cried until there was no more left
And regrouped and reevaluated
I took the time to realize
That I am strong and smart
That I am talented and exceptional
That I am God's creature and no one else's
That I am capable of greatness
That I have achieved mangificent feats
That even when I'm down I'm up
That I am going places
That I am blessed and highly favored
That no one has the power to control me
Or to do harm to me but me
So I'm taking back what's rightfully mine
And I'm not taking any crap about it
I'm achieving new heights
I'm working to be all that God chose me to be
I'm taking success by the helm
And riding it right into the sunset and further
I'm taking a stand and with no regrets
I'm doing it everyday
One second of every minute
Of every hour of every day
Of every week of every month
Of every year at a time
Because I am too blessed to stressed
And I won't be derailed from destiny
That was preordained long before I was even a twinkle

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's Really Going On?

I was going to let this matter pass on by but I just couldn't. People have been acting foolish and making remarks that are unwarranted and project ignorance. There inability to speak with purpose and definition makes things impossible to interpret when it comes to political matters. The latest antics regarding the passing of the health care reform show just how little change we have made as a country. People have allowed their verbal usage to write a check they really don't want to cash or plan to honor. So instead of choosing to shut up and give these news ideas a change, they speak callously without regard the inflamatory statements they are making.

We are moving in a position direction after being blinded for so many years. We have stepped outside of our insecurities and placed our trust in the hands of a man who believes that change can happen if we are willing to work together. We have stood with him as he created an agenda of change that would not make the rich richer but elevate and provide a security for the common man. His agenda was not tailored to just those in power or those of financial influence. His agenda was designed to protect all people regardless of color, race, creed, and financial status. Because let's just be real about this thing. Most of the people that make up this country are not rich and could care less about policitical influence or affiliation. These are just ordinary people who are trying to stay afloat amongst all the chaos and turmoil that exists in our society.

The direction that our country has been headed down over the last eight years has been nothing far from self-destruction. We have neglected the people that matter most of all - the elderly, the poor, and our children. Our country has gotten caught up in mere appearances, that they forgot about what it means to care about those at home first. We allowed ourselves to get into a boyish confrontation that not only made us look weak but immature as well. We went to war against the recommendations of NATO. And then tried to justify our motives by stating that it was for the self-preservation of the people of that country. When in actuality we had ulterior motive for our actions.

So here we are now, with a new administration, full of hopes and aspirations of change that will take our country in a new direction. A new administration that had a plan to make baby steps that would tackle the most critical issues facing our country. But instead of embracing the change, it is being met with adversity and total disrespect. Instead of being providing constructive conversation that could lead to intelligent dialogue, all that has come about is reckless and negative retort. Given the number of years we have been an organized government, you would think that in time we would get better rather than worse. Yet we continue to delve into our past drudging up bad memories when ignorance reign supreme. Instead of moving forward, we digress and take us back another forty-fifty years. So what's up with all of this predisposed negativity because we can't have our way? Because things are not following the same path they've always followed but taken the path less traveled?

There has to be another answer. At some point, our government and elected officials are going to have to stop hiding behind their own insecurities and jump on board. As bad as the economy is right now, there is no time for callous remarks and threats of violence and unrest. It is time for a reasonable solution that will put our country back on track and put the American people back to work. Instead of expressing the hostility of ignorance, why not try to express some form of positive change that can lead to growth, maturity, and a healthy economic recovery.

And with a better way, there should also be a better direction. With a better direction, the possibilities are limitless. So for all of those ignorant people who have chosen to use their words as a double edged sword, remember that sword can easily cause you the same harm. These days are filled with too much animosity and turmoil to be taken lightly. You should not open the breeding ground for seeds that can only produce hatred and unrest. Your words should be more and mean more. It is a sad case when people exploit their first amendment rights for their own personal gain. If you don't have anything positive to say... SHUT UP! Especially those who enjoy the lime light and take pride in being seen for their crappy opinion.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are we really still there?

To set the stage, it is imperative that all the facts are presented. The President of the United States presented two important presidential addresses in one week. The first address was to the children of America encouraging them to stay focused and stay in school. He told them to ensure that they should work hard and do their very best. In the second address, he addressed the American people in regards to the state of health. He gave some high points and expectations as for his plan for healthcare as it relates to all citizens. Both addresses contained important information for those interested.

The first address was for our children. In this day and age, our children need all the encouragement that they can get. Many times our children are confused or apprehensive about their futures. Their uncertainty may be brought on by their surroundings or even their home life. Our President chose to address the children and give them some encouragement. To let them know that they can reach their dreams if they work hard. Instead of parents praising him for taking an interest in our children, they began with their own childish antics. Without even listening to his message, they had decided that his message was intended to brainwash their kids. These same parents going so far as to put unnecessary pressure on school officials hoping to deny all students the chance to hear what the president had to say. Some school officials would not be bullied by some parents, but they provided an alternative for those choosing not to listen to the presidential address. Some officials went so far as to disallow the address from being presented statewide.

But what is unclear is why? Why deny your child the opportunity to be addressed by a public figure such as the President of the United States? Why come unglued about a message that was designed to be encouraging? Or bet yet, why deny the President of the United States of America the opportunity to speak to your child? We are supposed to be a nation of understanding and compassion and yet some of us still behave like primitives. Like we lack the ability to look beyond the color of someone’s skin and see the individual instead. But we are not there yet. Especially when a parent made a public display because two of her three children still watched the message against her wishes. Show your true colors, why don’t you?

Then in the second address dealing with healthcare, a public figure (senator), yells out during the message and calls the President a liar. Now this type of behavior was beyond reproach. Why is it that a Senator felt it was his responsibility to disrespect the Head of State? With all the presidents that have taken office over the years, no Senator or Representative has ever been that disrespectful. Yet many individuals did not feel there was nothing wrong with his behavior. Is that the message we want to send our children? That it is okay to be disrespectful to our elected public officials on national television. What message are we really sending out? That the color of skin is still an issue and that racism is still the driving force in our nation.

So the question remains, are we really still there? There have numerous people who gave their lives so that our nation could be overcome our racist past. Yet here we stand today and that behavior is still prevalent. Too many individuals are afraid of change and can’t imagine a better America only the nation that they have grown accustom to. There is hope for this country and there is still the possibility for change. That was proven with the election of the first African American President. It is time for those that have chosen to revel in their poisonous thinking to rethink their beliefs. This country is moving in a new direction that will take us to new heights.

Stop looking at color and start looking at the man!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your Star Player

Your star player is calling your name
They're needing your undivided attention
They're requiring some concentrated effort on your part
See they want you to change the direction in which your life is going

So it's your time and your star player is calling your name
They're demanding that you allow your dreams to press forward
They're tired of you pushing your dreams inside a box
They're wanting you do the damn thing and make it happen

So get on it because your star player is yelling your name
They want you to stop putting up blockers that cover your sight
They demand you ignore the haters and get on with it
Your star player is encouraging you to go the distance

It's your season baby, and your star player is screaming your name
They feel that it's time to live outside of your comfort zone
They now you can leave your footprints in the world
So use your haters for motivation and make it do what it do

Because your star player wants you to get on with it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Struggling with my Emotional State

I've never been much for dealing with my own emotions. Instead I have been known to bury my head in sand. Now once again I have come full circle with the emotions that I work so hard to hide from. Stay tuned for more...